• F2P - Four In One: Volume 23 - Kendra James, Rachel Adams, Tara & Gianna Love

1. Kendra James: Kendra is Clothesjacked
Kendra unlocks her car and climbs in, dressed for another day at the office. Suddenly, the passenger door flies open and an armed man is standing there. Kendra is startled but quickly tries to recover her composure, saying, "Excuse me. Can I help you?" When the man explains that he likes collecting women's clothes, especially after they have been worn, Kendra starts to look anxious for the first time. She says she could just get out and run away, but the man warms her that this would not be a very healthy choice to make. He orders her to remove her coat, then looks her over before making her take off her top, her skirt, and her pantyhose, leaving her sitting there in just her bra and panties. It is not long before the man instructs her to remove the bra. Looking at him with pleading eyes, Kendra obeys, exposing her breasts. That only leaves her panties protecting the tattered remains of her dignity, and any minute now, they will be taken away from her too.

2. Rachel Adams: I Need Directions
Deep in the woods of West Virginia, her GPS registering nothing, Rachel is hopelessly lost. Her only hope is the chance discovery of a very isolated property where she calls to ask for directions. The man she speaks to say he can indeed help her, but first she must do something for him first; she must remove all of her clothes and let him see her naked. Rachel can't believe this is happening; it seems like a bad dream. When it becomes clear that the man really won't help her unless she strips, and she really doesn't want to spend a night lost in the forest alone, she finally concedes to remove her clothes. Each time she removes a garment, she attempts to reason with the man but he is hell bent on seeing her without any clothes.

3. Tara: You Need My Permission
Tara has been running a small business from home which is helping her to pay her rent. Unfortunately, her landlord has just found out about it and is a little put out that she did not ask his permission, something which is legally required. Tara apologizes and asks him not to make her stop. He says he will allow her to continue and give her written consent provided she does something for him: He wants her to take off her clothes right there and then, in front of him. Tara is reluctant, stating that she does not think this is a good idea, but it's either that or her business will have to be closed, and she'll be back to struggling to pay her rent. She stands, removes her sweater, and then at her landlord's urging, she begins to pull down her skirt.

4. Gianna Love: You're Fired, Unless
Gianna is a clerical assistant who is always late to work, always takes two hours for lunch and always leaves early at the end of the day. Her boss is tired of this bad conduct, so when Gianna stands up to go for another of her extended lunch, he instructs her to sit back down and carry on working. Gianna objects, saying she is entitled to a break, but her boss points out that he is entitled to some work from her in exchange for her wages. When she continues to argue with him, he decides to let her go and shows her the door. Gianna, suddenly realizing that she has gone too far, back-peddles and says she will do better, but the boss does not believe her. When she pleads to keep her job, the boss tells her that the only way that will happen is if she skips her lunch break and takes off all her clothes! Gianna looks shocked and says she can't do that, so he wishes her goodbye. On the verge of leaving, mindful of the mortgage payment she has to meet at the end of the month, Gianna agrees and very reluctantly begins to strip. She tries to change her boss's mind before she has to remove her bra and panties, but he is adamant that this is the only way she will keep her job. Even though Gianna's colleague may return from lunch at any moment, the boss makes her continue with her work while naked.

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F2P - Four In One: Volume 23 - Kendra James, Rachel Adams, Tara & Gianna Love

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