• F2P - The Price Of Failure - Cadence Lux

Cadence plays a lawyer who has lost a copyright infringement case for her client, and he is very unhappy with the outcome, saying her poor performance was humiliating. When Cadence visits him at home to discuss a new strategy to have the judgement overturned, the client accuses her of spinning things out purely to make more money out of him. Cadence naturally denies this, saying she believes they have a really good chance of getting a new hearing, but the client is no longer listening. He is threatening to report her to the Bar Association for her less than stellar conduct in court. Cadence feels she has had enough of this and suggests that he gets himself a new lawyer. He agrees, but before he fires her, he insists that she do something for him, unless she wants him to make that call to the Bar Association.

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F2P - The Price Of Failure - Cadence Lux

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