• F2P - Just Hannah: Volume 2 (MP4) - Hannah Perez

1. Asking For Directions
Hannah's GPS unit has lost its signal and she has no idea where she is. She has been driving along quiet roads and passing very few houses. As luck would have it, she finds another house and sees a man out on the driveway. She stops to ask him directions back to the main highway, but instead of helping her, the man insists that either she stays or she eats lead. She feels her luck has truly run out when the man orders her to switch off the vehicle's engine and throw the keys out of the window. She looks at him in horror when he next orders her to take off all her clothes. Hannah panics, desperate to get away, but she dare not try to make a run for it. Reluctantly, and pleading the whole time as she starts to take off her dress. The man becomes angry as she procrastinates, making her remove the dress completely. Now it is apparent that she is wearing thigh high stockings, and clearly the man's interest is piqued even more. She has no choice but to remove her shoes and peel off her stockings. She holds out as long as possible but in the end, she is compelled to remove her panties. Totally naked and terrified as she considers what might happen to her now, she almost sobs when the man hands her a zip tie and orders her to secure her right wrist to the steering wheel. Hannah has to obey, and can do nothing when the man comes around to her size and zip ties her left wrist, followed by her ankles. He then backs away, savoring the moment before leaving her alone for a while, promising to return soon to have some fun with her. After he departs, Hannah struggles desperately to free herself but the zipties are totally unforgiving. If only she could get to her phone but then again, it probably wasn't getting any reception either. She is trapped and completely naked, vulnerable and at the mercy of some crazy old hillbilly. Is there any chance of rescue?

2. Espionage
Hannah has been caught by the company directors selling classified documents to their competitors. She now stands before all three of them while they decide what to do with her - either prosecute her for industrial espionage or find some other way to exact retribution. Before discussing anything, however, the directors want to ensure Hannah is not wearing a concealed recording device to collect evidence she might later use against them in court. Director Dave orders Hannah to strip off all her clothes so that they can check her for cameras and microphones. Hannah is appalled and refuses to cooperate, at least until prosecution and prison are mentioned. With extreme reluctance she starts to disrobe, pleading with the three men to change their minds. They remain steadfast and Hannah has to carry on removing her clothes. She does her best to avoid removing her panties but the directors all insist that she does. Stark naked now, Hannah stands in front of her former bosses, embarrassed, humiliated, almost kneeling as she begs them to reconsider. The directors consult for a few moments before Dave informs her that she is fired and she must get out. They refuse to let her put her clothes back on, telling her she must depart through the offices and somehow get herself home while naked.

3. Shoplifting Again
Hannah has been shoplifting again, this time from a department store called Marcy's. She does not realize that she was seen on closed-circuit TV, leaving the store without paying. The cops are called, and Hannah is soon forced to pull over onto the shoulder. A cop comes up to her window and asks to see her driver's license and registration. She can only produce the registration document which does help her case. When she asks what is wrong, the officer explains that she is wearing stolen clothes. He makes her step out of the vehicle and undress so that he can bag and tag the clothing as evidence. Hannah pleads with him not to make her do this on the roadside but the cop is adamant. She gets angry and pushes him, escalating the situation. The cop is now becoming angry and orders her to strip. With great reluctance, Hannah complies. When she is finally naked, the cop handcuffs her and marches her away to his cruiser.

4. The Hillbillies
Hannah is driving home from a function through the hills of West Virginia when he car breaks down. She walks a while and comes to a remote house tucked away in the trees on the side of a mountain. Hannah knocks on the door, hoping to get warm (she didn't bring a coat with her) and use a phone to call a towing company. Two hillbilly types, father and son, answer the door and stand there admiring her in her short black dress, and when Hannah asks if she can come inside out of the cold they tell her she can come in and warm herself in front of the fire, but she will need to do something for them in exchange. They explain that it's very quiet out here in the hills and they need some entertainment. The deal is, Hannah can come inside if she is prepared to take her dress off for them. Mortified by the prospect, Hannah refuses, but when the two men shut the door and leave her shivering in the cold, she knocks again and relents. It's either that or stay out here and freeze at night draws in.Once inside, Hannah asks about a phone and is informed they don't have one. She stands in front of the fire, soaking up the warmth, and the two hillbillies remind her of her promise. When she tells them that there is no way she is taking her dress off, they get up from their easy chairs and start to show her to the door. When Hannah realizes that they really would put her back outside in the cold, she agrees to do what they ask. Delaying as long as possible, she slowly removes her dress and then her shoes. The hillbillies tell her to keep going, and when she refuses they again threaten to show her back outside, only this time without her shoes or dress. Left with no choice, Hannah removes her pantyhose, her bra and finally her panties. She is horrified when the two hillbillies move in for a closer look at her, and losing her nerve, she declares that she is going to leave. She scoops up her clothes and heads for the door, completely naked but too anxious to get away to dress herself first. As she passes by, Pa Hillbilly slaps her on the butt. She swings round and looks shocked, unable to believe that he would lay a hand on her. She runs to the door shouting for help. (This one is laced with laughter as one blooper follows another. Keeping a straight face was almost impossible, even for the camerawoman whose giggles seep through from time to time. The bloopers are assembled at the end of the movie).

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F2P - Just Hannah: Volume 2 (MP4) - Hannah Perez

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