• F2P - Four in One: Volume 21 (MP4) - Lea Hart, Kim Chi, Autumn Bodell & Lana Luxor

1. Bad Grade - Lea Hart
Lea has received an D grade on a critical paper which will prevent her from graduating. Desperate to complete her education and get on with her life, she goes to her tutor's home to talk to him about his harsh treatment of her, dressed in a way that she hopes will impress and perhaps even entice him. Her ploy appears not to be working when he insists that her performance was below par and that she deserved the "D" she received. He offers to show her out because he is late for a college meeting, but Lea is not done with him yet. She pulls up her skirt to show him that she is wearing stockings and a garter belt under her conservative clothing, and asks him, "Are you sure we have nothing more to talk about?" The tutor seems a little amused at her blatent attempt to manipulate him into giving her a better grade. He tells her that a glimpse of a stocking top is not going to do it, but if she were let him remove her clothes for her, one item at a time until she stands naked before him, he says he will alter her grade to an "A" there and then. This is more than Lea bargained for and she is reluctant to do as he asks, but when he makes to leave again, she concedes and allows him to undress her.

2. Kim's Reference - Kim Chi
Kim has returned to visit her old boss because she needs a good reference from him to stand a chance at obtaining a new job with more responsibility and correspondingly better pay. The problem is that she was fired from her previous job for misconduct at work. Her old boss asks her why he should risk his reputation by giving her a favorable reference, only to have her get the new job and do the same thing again. Kim promises that would not be the case and that she will not let her old boss down, but he is far less optimistic. Ultimately, he makes a proposal: If Kim wants him to provide the reference she needs, she must remove all of her clothes and allow him to see her naked. Kim looks extremely uncomfortable at the idea, but when her old boss is about to show her to the door, she realizes that this is her only chance to get the reference and she had better not blow it. Looking ill at ease, Kim stands and lifts her dress, exposing her purple lingerie. Her old boss is definitely interested in seeing more...

3. How To Sell Real Estate - Autumn Bodell
Autumn is a new real estate agent hungry to make her first sale. She is showing a client around a house where the owner has gone out to give her a chance to show the property without inhibition. The client seems fairly interested and starts questioning Autumn about how recently she joined the firm of realtors, and asks her how badly she would like to make a sale. He tells her that she would stand an excellent chance of making a sale to him if she were to conduct him around the property without wearing any clothes. Autumn laughs, assuming that he is joking, but when he stresses that he is serious, Autumn's desire for commission overwhelms her better judgment and she does indeed peel off her clothes in front of this guy. She continues to tour of the house naked, and clearly a little nervous now. The client is just about ready to go back to the office and sign the paperwork when a car pulls up outside - the owner has come back early. Worse still, he is with someone. Autumn dashes for the bathroom, telling the client to go and fetch her clothes for her just as the owner enters the house.

4. Forced Clothes Removal - Lana Luxor
Lana has been grabbed as she left the office by a man she doesn't know. Here she is, forced to stand with her wrists locks in cuffs, wondering what he has in store for her. Whatever it is, it can't be good. She calls out for help but the place seems very quiet. She is pretty sure no one can her her cries, but that doesn't stop her trying. She can't slide her hands through the cuffs either; they're just a little too tight. Finally, her captor appears on the scene. She still shouts for help so he gags her with duct tape. When she kicks her, he secures her legs together with more tape. Now she can't move. She certainly can't stop him when he produces a pair of scissors and starts cutting the hem of her skirt. She watches in horror as he tears the skirt apart. Then the scissors are back. It's pretty clear now that he plans to cut away all of her clothes and leave her standing there naked.

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F2P - Four in One: Volume 21 (MP4) - Lea Hart, Kim Chi, Autumn Bodell & Lana Luxor

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