• F2P - Down On Her Luck (MP4) - Sarah Brooke

Sarah has been unemployed for a while and is getting herself into financial difficulties, so she turns to a relative whom she knows has plenty of money and asks for a loan. At first, he is reluctant to help her, pointing out that everyone promises to repay loans but far from every one does so. When he proposes that Sarah take off her clothes so that he may see her naked, she becomes indignant and storms out, but her desperate situation compels her to return. She finds it so difficult to start undressing, until her relative starts to help her. From that point on, she knows she has to go through with this. She is mortified when he starts taking photographs of her with hardly anything on, but if she wants that loan she has to tolerate whatever he wants to do. When she is totally naked, he comes close to her, making Sarah shiver. Just when she thinks he is going to renage on the deal, he asks her if he wants check or cash.

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F2P - Down On Her Luck (MP4) - Sarah Brooke

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