• F2P - The Professor (MP4) - Sarah Brooke

Sarah is a successful business woman whose step-sister is at law school training to become a lawyer. She has recently failed a paper which will greatly affect the annual performance, and Sarah believes it is because her professor has some personal grudge against her. She arrives at his home and demands a few minutes of his time. She lays out her beliefs that the professor deliberately failed the girl, but he insists that her performance was poor and the grade was just. Sarah points out that her step-sister will be thrown out of school if the grade is not improved, and she tries to persuade the professor to re-think his attitude and give a better grade for the paper. The professor is adamant that Sarah's step-sister doesn't deserve a revised grade, but he is willing to give her one if Sarah will strip off in front of him.

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F2P - The Professor (MP4) - Sarah Brooke

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