• F2P - Robbery (MP4) - Cadence Lux

A thief enters Cadence's home and holds her up. He demands to know where she keeps her valuables. When she says she doesn't have any, he laughs and tells her that if she wants to play games, she can strip off her clothes. Cadence refuses but under duress, realizes she has no choice other than to comply. As each item of clothing is removed, she tries to plead with the thief, telling him to take her money and just leave, but he doesn't plan to let her off that easily. He makes her keep going until she is completely naked. Now he needs somewhere to stash her so that she can't alert the police. He can't believe his luck when, in another room, he comes across a bed with handcuffs attached. He laughs and remarks, "So you're onto bondage eh? That's good." He makes Cadence lie on a bed and cuffs her wrists and ankles. He leaves her there while he goes to empty her safe, then comes back to grope her before he departs. Cadence writhes helplessly, trying to deflect his attentions, but naked and restrained, there is little she can do.

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F2P - Robbery (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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