• F2P - I Can't Pay You (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence is just chilling with an old friend, catching up on what's been happening since they last met. It's all very relaxing until the friend brings up the subject of money that Cadence still owes him after sixteen months, and he claims that he now needs it. Cadence looks very sheepish and admits that she still can't pay him. She asks for still more time, and is surprised when her friend says he will grant her the extra time if she will let him see her naked. At first, she thinks he means for her to send him photos of her nude, but he explains that what he wants is to see her naked in the flesh, and asks her to strip off in front of him. Cadence looks quite shocked and doesn't know how to deal with this awkward situation. Still, the guy has been a good friend for years, but that somehow just makes it even more embarrassing. Since she really doesn't have the money to pay him back, she feels that she has no choice and stands up to start undressing. She feels herself blushing and pulls at her sweater, reluctant to go any farther but knowing that she really has no choice.

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F2P - I Can't Pay You (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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