• F2P - What Do You Look Like Naked? (MP4) - Cadence Lux

Cadence arrives home from work and enters her home. A minute later, a knock comes on the front door and she answers it, to be confronted by Greg, one of her work colleagues. She asks him what he is doing here, and he admits to following her home. She asks him why, wondering if there was something important they left undone at the office. He says it isn't that, some a little bit warily Cadence invites him in to talk. She quickly regrets this when Greg starts talking about how he has always wanted to see her naked. Before she can ask him to leave, however, Greg reveals himself to be armed and she instinctively raises her hands, trying to reason with him. But Greg is not listening to reason; all he wants her to do is take her clothes off in front of him. Unable to see that she has any other choice, Cadence complies, as slowly as she dare, wondering what this man will do once she is completely naked.

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F2P - What Do You Look Like Naked? (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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