• F2P - You Must Disrobe (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica enters a room in her house and finds a man there looking through her stuff. He is armed and clearly dangerous so Monica raises her hands and backs away from him. He tells her that he is an escaped convict, and that he has a female companion waiting outside in a car wearing an orange DOC jumpsuit. Before they can make good their escape, the woman needs some proper clothes. He tells Monica she is about the same size as his friend and that he wants her clothes, all of them. Monica offers to get clothes from her wardrobe but the man tells her he doesn't want her going elsewhere in the house in case there is a phone of something worse that she might get to. Instead, he makes her strip off the clothes she is wearing. Once Monica is naked, he needs to stop her raising the alarm too quickly, so he orders her out onto her elevated deck and locks the door behind her. Monica tries the door quickly in case a nearby resident should see her naked, but she can't get in. As humiliating as the prospect is, she has no choice but to wait on the deck until someone finds her.

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F2P - You Must Disrobe (MP4) - Monica Jade

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