• F2P - Mannequin (MP4) - Tara

Tara's car has broken down and she is not getting any cellphone reception, so she goes to a nearby house to ask if she can use a phone. The man who greets her seems friendly and helpful, inviting her in to his living room and leaving her there while he ostensibly goes to get her a phone. Tara is quite relaxed and not on her guard, so she does not expect the man to sneak up behind her and grab her, then inject her in the neck with something he later refers to as "his new formula". Tara tries to fight the effects but in a matter of seconds she is paralyzed. The little man circles her with delight, feeling her breasts and stroking her hair. He decides to undress her and manages to work off her jacket and sweater, and then her bra. Now he is really getting excited. He sits the frozen Tara on the floor to remove her boots, then stands her back up so that he can take off her skirt, her tights and finally her panties. He plans to dress Tara in different outfits, but for the moment, he decides to place his naked mannequin on his front porch while he goes to get some new clothes for her.

10 minutes 13 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 394.0 MB

F2P - Mannequin (MP4) - Tara

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