• F2P - Snooty Shop Girl (MP4) - Tara

Tara works in a department store in the perfume section, and like most of the women who occupy these positions, she has a superior attitude and sneers at people who don't look as if they can afford the prices. When two rough looking men in baggy shorts start perusing her wares, she becomes irate and tells them to leave. Arriving home after a long, tiring day, she is startled to have the same two men walk into her home and begin accosting her. They didn't like the way she tried to humiliate them in public, so now they have come to humiliate her in private. This humiliation takes the form of having these retards remove her clothes for her, cutting them off and tearing them off until the poor woman is stark naked and thoroughly embarrassed. They now have just one problem - the moment they leave, Tara will call the cops. To delay that happening, they decide to take her down to her basement to see if there is some place they can lock her in while they get well away from her house. To their amusement and surprise, they find a bed with restraints attached. It seems the snoopy shop girls likes to indulge in bondage in her spare time. Happy to oblique her, the two men chain her naked body to the bed. They are about to leave when one of them has the idea of finding out if she is ticklish. This begins another chapter in Tara's discomfort and humiliation.

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F2P - Snooty Shop Girl (MP4) - Tara

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