• F2P - Late With Her Rent (MP4) - Tara

Tara has come to talk to her landlord because she is three months behind with her rent and can't find a job. She offers her services as a domestic to help reduce the debt she owes, but her landlord is not interested in that kind of help. He warns her that he will evict her unless she does what he says. Tara, who has nowhere else to go, has no choice but to go along with whatever the man wants. He orders her to start taking off her clothes, first her jacket, then her dress, then after making her do some turns so that he can look at her butt, he makes her remove her pantyhose, bra and panties. He then rises from his chair and begins feeling her breasts, holding her nipples between this and forefinger. He gropes her stomach and thighs, then squeezes both cheeks of her butt. Tara is distressed but has no choice but to let him have his way otherwise she knows she will end up out on the street. Finally, her landlord sits back down and orders Tara to feel her own breasts. At last, he is satisfied and say he's looking forward to her next visit. Tara, anxious to get away, does not even bother to put her clothes back on and runs from the house stark naked.

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F2P - Late With Her Rent (MP4) - Tara

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