• F2P - The Office Thief (MP4) - Tara & Constance

Tara has been called into Constance's office and accused of intellectual theft, selling secrets to a rival company. Tara denies this but Constance says her actions have been captured on CCTV. She orders Tara to strip, convinced that the girl is carrying a flash drive containing the latest batch of confidential files she is preparing to sell. Tara resists, but when Constance threatens to call the police she relents. As she strips, it becomes clear that the missing flash drive is hidden in her panties. Constance takes it and tells Tara she is going to put her in tuff cuffs and march her through the outer office naked before calling in the police to arrest her. Tara calls her boss a bitch and threatens to get back at her for this. Later in the day, after the police have released Tara owing to compromised evidence, Tara bursts into Constance's office and she is armed. She want revenge for the way her ex-boss humiliated her and now she plans to do the same to her. After retrieving the flash drive and concealing on her person once more, Tara forces a frightened Constance to remove all her clothes, then secures her wrists in plastic cuffs and makes her march through the office naked.

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F2P - The Office Thief (MP4) - Tara & Constance

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