• F2P - Waylaid (MP4) - Tara

Tara has been driving along a country lane for some time and now it has come to an end. Her GPS software is out of date and doesn't show the road at all, and her cellphone battery is flat. She is hopelessly lost. Then she sees what she thinks is salvation in the form of a man apparently tending a garden, here in the middle of nowhere. It's a bit strange but Tara so desperately needs help that she doesn't question it. The man appears helpful at first, until he establishes that no one knows where she is, then he holds her up and makes her step out of the car. His intention is to steal her money and any valuables she may be carrying, but when it turns out that she carries plastic and very little cash, he decides to have some fun with her instead. He forces her to take off her clothes in front of him, handing over blouse, skirt, tights, bra and panties, until she stands there completely naked. Anything might happen to her now, but the man decides to just take her things and her car and leave her stranded with no clothes and no idea where she is. Tara helplessly watches as the man drives away in her car back the way she came. Surrounded by forest and with no one around to help her, what is the poor girl to do now?

11 minutes 04 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 425.3 MB

F2P - Waylaid (MP4) - Tara

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