• F2P - Do You Want That Promotion? (MP4) - Autumn Bodell

Autumn has just arrived home after a long day at the office where she has been interviewed for promotion to head of her own department. Unfortunately, the final word on whether she gets the job or not rests on a recommendation from her current boss, a man she finds a pain in the ass to work for. When she turned around and finds him sitting on one of her living room chairs, she is at first startled and then annoyed, demanding to know how he got into her house. He reminds her that her promotion is in his hands, and in return he wants her to take off all her clothes in front of him. Autumn can't believe this is happening. She wants to lose her temper and throw him out, but she wants that promotion so badly. Hardly able to believe she is doing this, she takes off her clothes in front of him, and he won't let her stop a her underwear. When Autumn is completely naked, she tells him he can go home now, but he is in no hurry. In order to cement the deal, she needs to do just one more thing for him, which involves getting down on her knees.

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F2P - Do You Want That Promotion? (MP4) - Autumn Bodell

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