• F2P - Who Put You Up To This? (MP4) - Autumn Bodell

Autumn is just getting ready to go out for the evening. The last thing she expects is to find a work colleague at her front door. It's one of her bosses and he says he needs to talk to her. Autumn is anxious to get going but says she can spare a few minutes. It turns out that her visitor is one of the people who will vote on her pending promotion the next day, and he tells her that if she wants his vote (and frankly she needs it since the panel is split fifty-fifty) she needs to undress and stand before him naked. Autumn laughs, assuming this is some kind of prank. She asks, "Who put you up to this?" It soon becomes clear that the guy is totally serious, and Autumn has to face the real possibility that she will have to get naked in front of him to secure her promotion, always assuming he keeps his word. Seeing no other way around the situation, Autumn reluctantly starts to peels off her clothes...

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F2P - Who Put You Up To This? (MP4) - Autumn Bodell

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