• F2P - Grounded (MP4) - Autumn Bodell

Autumn is an Air Force pilot who is running late, and it is the day of an important test flight. While she is rushing to get ready to leave her house, an intruder holds her up and orders her to take off her uniform - he needs it for his accomplice who will attempt to take Autumn's place. Autumn objects, telling the man he will never get away with it, but he forces her to undress, removing even her bra and panties. When he has all of her clothes, the man handcuffs Autumn to the cooker's oven handle to prevent her reaching the phone and raising the alarm. Autumn is more resourceful than he gives her credit for, however.

8 minutes 36 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - MP4: 333.1 MB

F2P - Grounded (MP4) - Autumn Bodell

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