• F2P - Stripped & Handcuffed (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica arrives home from work to encounter a man waiting for her. He is armed and holds her up as she climbs from her vehicle. He mutters something about her having humiliated him at some time in the past, then he proceeds to strip her before placing her in handcuffs. Jessica watches helplessly as the man picks up her clothes and shoes, drops them in her car and then drives the vehicle away, leaving her stranded outside her house. She goes around the house trying the doors, hoping she has left one of them unlocked, but they are all secure, even the garage doors. Jessica feels exposed and humiliated, aware that her only way out of this predicament is for someone to find her and help help, but oh, how embarrassing that moment is going to be.

8 minutes 56 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 344.5 MB

F2P - Stripped & Handcuffed (MP4) - Jessica

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