• F2P - The Stripped Detective (MP4) - Jessica

Jessica is a detective sent to arrest a jewel thief at his home. She knocks on the door like any visitor might and gets the suspect to let her in. At that point, Jessica tells him he is under arrest and tries to handcuff him, but he spins quickly around and disarms her, grabbing her and forcing her to sit down on a chair. He immediately begins to pull off her clothes, so violently that he almost tears them. Jessica resists but he is too strong and can do nothing to prevent him stripping her. Once she is completely naked and humiliated, he takes up the handcuffs she tried to use on him and places them on the detective's wrists, making her his prisoner. He touches her legs and breasts, telling her that he is going to invite some of his buddies over and that they are going to have some fun with her. When he leaves the room, not realizing he has left his cellphone on the table, Jessica slides over to it and tries to call for help. Alas, the phone is locked and she can't get a call out. Moments later, the suspect discovers what she is doing and takes the phone away, leaving the naked detective sitting on the chair in her own handcuffs, struggling but helpless. This is one arrest that went horribly wrong; all she can do now is hope that her colleagues will notice her absence and come looking for her.

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F2P - The Stripped Detective (MP4) - Jessica

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