• F2P - Forced to Strip (MP4) - Jessica & Jasmine St James

Jessica is relaxing in front of the TV unaware that Jasmine is sneaking up behind her. Jasmine clamps a hand over Jessica's mouth and orders her not to make a sound when it is removed. She marches Jessica into the kitchen and instructs her to take off her clothes. When she has her victim naked, Jasmine makes her lie on the floor and then proceeds to tie her up and gag her. Jasmine then takes photos with her phone and tells Jessica to stay put while she sends them to her buyer, telling her about what she will be buying with the proceeds when she gets paid. (Jasmine performs all of the tying on-screen, demonstrating how far she has come. She plays the antagonist well).

10 minutes 51 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - MP4: 420.4 MB

F2P - Forced to Strip (MP4) - Jessica & Jasmine St James

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