• F2P - Escaped Convict (MP4) - Jessica & Jasmine St James

Jessica is out jogging through the woods to keep fit, unaware that just ahead of her escaped convict Jasmine is lurking behind a tree. As Jessica passes her hiding place, Jasmine jumps out and grabs the woman, threatening her harm if she does not do as she is told. The orange DOC suit informs Jessica that she is face to face with a criminal, perhaps a dangerous one, so when jasmine demands that she take off her clothes, she complies. As Jessica undresses, Jasmine sheds her orange suit and starts putting on the jogger's clothing. In a final act of meanness, Jasmine makes Jessica take off her panties, saying she will use them to help through her pursuers off the scent. She then runs off with a naked Jessica calling after her. As Jasmine recedes into the distance, Jessica turns and continues her journey home, hoping now that she will not meet anyone else on the way.

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F2P - Escaped Convict (MP4) - Jessica & Jasmine St James

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