• F2P - Clothing Adjustment (MP4) - Jade Indica

Jade is being held prisoner by a man who doesn't want to see her wearing clothes, so with her restrained he begins cutting them off her, starting with her dress. He first shortens the dress into a mini and then cuts and rips it off completely. Along the way, Jade keeps objecting, so her captor decides to silence her with rather a lot of duct tape wrapped over her mouth and round the back of her neck. With the girl quietened down a little, he continues snipping away and tearing at her clothes, cutting off her bra, pantyhose and panties until Jade is wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and the remnants of her hose, looking for all the world like little black socks. Satisfied with his prisoner's new look, the man departs for a while, but naturally he promises to return later. jade, unable to escape, if forced to stand there in the nude.

9 minutes 59 seconds - 1280x720 pixels - MP4: 384.2 MB

F2P - Clothing Adjustment (MP4) - Jade Indica

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