• F2P - The Next Victim (MP4) - Tilly McReese

The clothesjacker is back and he has a new victim! Unsuspecting Tilly is planning to call on her friend Niki, unaware that she is out. As she pulls up in the driveway, an armed man appears at her passenger's window and orders her to turn off the car engine. Tilly stares at him uncomprehending for a few seconds, then as the reality of her situation sinks in, she panics and starts to call out. The clothesjacket quietens her down and tells her what he wants - her clothing. ALL of it. Initially, Tilly refuses to obey him, but it soon becomes clear that he really means business. Slowly, reluctantly, she starts to take off her clothes, starting with her blouse and then her skirt, revealing sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings. The clothesjacker likes what he sees and forces her to carry on stripping until she in naked. Tilly makes a futile attempt to keep her breasts and pussy covered, but that won't last for long. The clothesjacker orders her to climb out of the car, then he marches her stark naked to a seat on the edge of the woods, not more than fifty yards from a hiking trail. If any hikers should chance along now, they would see a naked girl sitting in the woods, her face flushed with embarrassment. More of a concern to her is what this man is going to make her do next!

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F2P - The Next Victim (MP4) - Tilly McReese

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