• F2P - The Girls From Work (MP4) - Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov

Dave is tired of being mocked by Lea and Vonka, two of his work colleagues who seem to find him amusing, though not in a nice way. He has even asked Vonka out a few times but she has always refused him. He can't imagine why, unless she and Lea have something going on. To find out, he breaks into Lea's home and waits for her to come home. Sure enough, she turns up with Vonka. Since neither of them is interested in him, Dave decides that he wants to see these snooty girls humiliated. He holds them up and orders them to take off their clothes. Naturally, they refuse, but when it becomes clear that Dave may not be entirely stable, they relucantly start to comply with his wishes. They battle him over every garment, but little by little he makes them remove their sweaters, skirts, pantyhose and stockings, and finally their bras and panties. He photographs them while they stand there helplessly looking on, and cringe when he threatens to post the pictures of them cuddling naked at work. They both order him to get out, but a now happy Dave suggests that they may like to do this again sometime.

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F2P - The Girls From Work (MP4) - Lea Hart & Vonka Romanov

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