• F2P - You Cut Me Off (MP4) - Lea Hart

Lea has made the mistake of cutting off a driver on the freeway in her rush to get to work. She does not expect him to pursue her and snatch her. Now she finds herself at his home, and he is threatening her. He warns her that if she wants to leave his property in one piece, she will have to take off all her clothes in front of him, and then depart naked. Lea tries to reason with this irate individual but he will not calm down. For her own safety, she removes her shoes and pantyhose, then her dress followed by her bra and panties until she is wearing nothing at all. Now the man is willing to let her go, but it's pouring with rain and cold outside. If she wants to get away, Lea has no choice but to leave without her clothes.

4 minutes 11 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 180.6 MB

F2P - You Cut Me Off (MP4) - Lea Hart

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