• F2P - You Outbid Me (MP4) - Lea Hart

Lea often visits auctions to bid on items she would like for her collection, but time and time again some old bastard outbids her and she loses her prize. But not this time. The old guy has outbid her on a 16th century writing bureau, a very rare piece, and lea is not prepared to let the matter rest. She borrows some additional funds and visits the old guy's house, offering to purchase the bureau from him for ten percent over and above what he paid for it. The old guy is amused that Lea wants the bureau so badly and asks her if she knows something about it that he doesn't. Lea is evasive which only piques his interest further. At first he says he won't part with the item, but then he decides to see just how badly Lea really wants it. He tells her he will sell it to her if she is willing to take off all her clothes in front of him. Lea tells him that is not happening, so he shows her the door and bids her good-day. Lea relents; she desperately wants to bureau, so garment by garment, she peels off her clothes, pausing at her bra and panties and hoping this will be enough for the old pervert, but he wants to see her completely naked. When she is totally nude, the old bastard sniggers and says he has changed his mind. Lea, now furious, dresses herself and is preparing to leave when he tells her he will sell her the bureau after all, provided she is willing to strip for a second time.

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F2P - You Outbid Me (MP4) - Lea Hart

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