• F2P - Cat Burglar (MP4) - Linh

Linh is a catburglar who breaks into houses during the day when the owners are at work. She enters a house on this day, unseen, or so she thinks, and begins searching through drawers looking for valuables. She finds a jewelry box in one of the bedrooms and begins looking through for worthwhile acquisitions, unaware that someone has followed her in to the house and is now standing in the doorway, armed. Linh suddenly realizes that she is not alone. The man is the house owner and he has caught her red-handed. In is ready to call the cops when Linh pleads with him not to do that, pointing out that she has not actually stolen anything. The man points out that she would have done had he not intervened, so he strikes a bargain with her: if she will take off her boots and catsuit, and bra and panties if she is wearing them, so that she is completely naked, he may reconsider. Linh resists but her options are very limited. The man unzips her catsuit for her and threatens to finish the job if she does not continue, so she does. Once she is naked, the man produces a pair of handcuffs from his bedside drawer and orders her to put them on. He makes Linh sit on the bed, then he takes her clothes and locks her in as he goes off to call the cops.

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F2P - Cat Burglar (MP4) - Linh

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