• F2P - The Burglar (MP4) - Jennifer

Jennifer arrives home from work to be met by an intruder in her house and he is armed. He says that he has been waiting for her so that she can show him where her valuables are stored. Reluctantly, Jennifer takes him to her dressing room and pulls her jewelry from its box, placing it in a bag for the burglar. Not content with taking her belongings, the man decides he wants to have some fun with Jennifer before he leaves. He orders her to remove her clothes while he watches. Jennifer desperately wants to resist but clearly the man means business. She starts to strip, taking off her jacket, blouse and skirt. Naturally, the intruder wants her to remove her bra and panties too. Once she is naked and he is done admiring her, he says he would like a cup of coffee before he departs, and she has to make it for him. Again, Jennifer complies with his wishes, which including sitting on the floor in the nude while the man drinks his coffee and stares at her.

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F2P - The Burglar (MP4) - Jennifer

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