• F2P - Landlord's Ploy (MP4) - Jennifer

In these hard financial times, there seem to be no end of women unable to pay their rent. Jennifer is the next to find herself in this position. She tries to negotiate with her landlord but he is adamant there is only one way she can keep her tenancy, and this is to take off all her clothes in front of him. Faced with little choice unless she wants to end up on the street, Jennifer does as she is told and starts to strip. She keeps hoping her landlord will change his mind before she is completely naked, but of course he doesn't. She also hopes that it will all be over quickly, but when the man tells her to lie down on the floor so that he can look at her nude body, she realizes that deferring her rent is not going to be easy at all.

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F2P - Landlord's Ploy (MP4) - Jennifer

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