• F2P - She Was Just Relaxing (MP4) - Jennifer

Jennifer has just arrived home from a busy day at the office. There is nothing she wants more than to just relax in her little retreat she has created for herself at home to help her unwind. Her relaxation soon ends when an armed man bursts into the room and orders her to take off all her clothes. Jennifer is so shocked that she is almost speechless. She realizes she has no choice but to comply with the man's instructions and begins to remove her dress. She does this as slowly as she dare but there is no way out of her predicament. Soon, the man is making her remove her bra and panties, then tells her she can sit back on her sun chair. He produces a pair of handcuffs and attaches her to the arm of the chair. His real purpose is to rob Jennifer of her valuables, and this way he makes sure that, first, she can't call the police, and second, by rendering her naked, she will be far less likely to alert her neighbors in a hurry, giving him plenty of time to get away with her belongings. Trapped in cuffs, Jennifer has to choose when to raise the alarm by screaming for help, knowing that she will suffer acute embarrassment when one of her neighbors arrives.

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F2P - She Was Just Relaxing (MP4) - Jennifer

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