• F2P - Four in One: Volume 20 (MP4) - Linh, Misty Lovelace, Kim, Rachael & Laci

Linh: Babysitter's Nightmare
Linh has performed babysitting for her neighbor Stephanie many times before. It always goes smoothly and it is easy money for an evening of snacking and watching TV... except on this particular evening. Linh hears the front door open and close but does not get up from her chair since she assumes it is Stephanie returning early. She almost jumps out of her skin when a man grabs her hair and leans over her, and he is armed. He orders Linh to turn off the TV and stand up. He takes her seat then tells her to undress. Linh clearly does not want to take her clothes off, but the man threatens her and she has no choice. She tries to undress slowly hoping he might lose interest, but he warns her that if she doesn't hurry up he will give her a hand. Linh soon stands before him naked. She hopes that this nightmare will end there, but it doesn't. The man orders her to sit on her lap! Linh does so, waiting for him to start groping her, but instead he turns the TV back on and starts watching it with her, making Linh feed him a snack while urging her to have some too. Maybe babysitting is not such a cushy number after all!

Misty Lovelace: What Are You Doing In My House?
Misty arrives home from work and, OMG, there's a man in her house and he's armed. Worse still, he has designs on seeing this pretty girl naked, so he makes her start removing articles of her clothing - jacket, blouse, skirt, pantyhose... now she only has her bra and panties covering areas of her body she seriously does not want this man to see. But she is not going to be able to keep them on, because he orders her to remove them. Very, very reluctantly, Misty unhooks her bra, still holding the cups in place to cover her breasts... but then the man takes it away for her. Now just her panties stand between her and and total exposure to a stranger. In another minute, there will be nothing at all.

Kim & Rachael: Her Captors Stripped Her
Kim is being held for ransom but it seems that her parents are not taking the threat seriously. Kim's captors decide to show them they mean business; they untie her from the chair where she has been restrained and pull the clothes off the poor girl. They then lift her onto a small table and place a rope around her neck, then proceed to grope her. The idea is to take photographs of Kim in her new predicament and send them to her parents, but the captors actually seem to be enjoying her situation too.

Laci: Forcibly Undressed
Laci has been taken prisoner and stands with her wrists cuffed above her head and her ankles secured with a zip tie. The man who took her enters the room and stands admiring her as she squirms in discomfort under his gaze. When he advances on her with a pair of scissors, she fears the worst. But he is not going to hurt her. He begins to cut the hem of her dress and then rips it apart as far up as the tear will go. He does the same to the other side of the dress, cutting a little and then ripping until Laci's dress is hanging on her in tatters. Finally, he snips through the strap holding the dress on her and it falls to the floor. Next, he frees her ankles, removes her shoes and then peels off her stockings before picking up the scissors again and starting work on her bra and panties. Laci objects and tries to pull away from him, but the handcuffs prevent her from going anywhere. When she is completely naked, the man promises to return soon to play with her, then leaves the room.

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F2P - Four in One: Volume 20 (MP4) - Linh, Misty Lovelace, Kim, Rachael & Laci

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