• F2P - Your Greatest Fan - Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James

Jasmine has broken into the home of her acting idol Vonka Romanov, waiting for the woman to arrive home. As she walks in the door, Vonka is startled to find the girl waiting for her, gushing about how she is Vonka's greatest fan. Realizing this girl might have a few screws loose, Vonka does everything she can to coax Jasmine out of the house. Realizing what Vonka is trying to do, Jasmine starts to show her true colors and threatens Vonka, ordering her to take off her clothes, or else. Frightened now, Vonka complies, and looks on in horror as Jasmine undresses down to her lingerie and puts on Vonka's discarded clothes. Jasmine then forces her idol to continue stripping until she is naked, then makes her place her wrists in some handcuffs she has suspended from the ceiling. Now helpless in the presence of this crazy girl, Vonka's composure finally cracks.

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F2P - Your Greatest Fan - Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James

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