• F2P - Is This For Real? - Cadence Lux & Samantha Bee

Sinthia is suspected of dealing in controlled substances, and Cadence, a DEA officer, enters her home in the hope of catching her in the act. After searching Sinthia, Cadence discovers exactly what she expected to find. She makes the woman remove all of her clothes, handcuffs her hands behind her back, and then uses a flashlight to conduct a preliminary cavity search. The search also involves breast groping, to which Sinthia objects. Cadence insists that it is all part of the procedure, and besides, it's not as if Sinthia is in a position to do anything about it. While Cadence goes off to search the entire property, Sinthia is left cuffed and naked on her living room floor, watching to see what the agent will do with her, or to her, next.

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F2P - Is This For Real? - Cadence Lux & Samantha Bee

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