• F2P - Hoping To Get Hired - Vonka Romanov

Vonka is a burlesque performer who is currently out of work. She has approached various clubs for a job but is not having much success. When she does get to meet a club owner at last, it seems he did not receive her sample tape from his staff, and tells her he already has a full quota of performers. Vonka suggests that she is desperate for work, which gives the club owner pause. He decides to try her out, but not on stage at the club, but here, in his private residence, alone. He does not really want to see Vonka go through her performance; rather, he wants to watch her undress, ostensibly to see what kind of body she has in the event that he should change his mind and hire her. Vonka is clearly uncomfortable at being forced to strip in front of this man, one on one, but if she wants even a chance that he will employ her, she will just have to go through with it.

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F2P - Hoping To Get Hired - Vonka Romanov

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