• F2P - The Principal's Humiliation - Claire Irons

Claire has been photographed in a very compromising situation by a paparazzo who then decides to extort money from her before trying to sell them to a newspaper. This is very awkward for Claire who is the principal of a school full of teenage girls, and in her position of trust, she is very vulnerable to public opinion. Indiscreet photographs will cost her her sterling reputation and her career, and the only hope she has of preventing exposure is to do what the paparazzo wants... and what he wants is to watch her undress in front of him. Embarrassed, Claire begins to disrobe, asking why she should trust this low life. The fact is, she really doesn't have any choice.Claire keeps trying to stall, but her blackmailer forces her to take off her bra and her panties, leaving her completely naked. Can he be trusted to give her the photos and keep the video he has just recorded private? Naaaa.

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F2P - The Principal's Humiliation - Claire Irons

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