• F2P - Not Again - Star Nine

6 minutes 35 seconds:  It has been less than a week since Star was last assailed by the clothesjacker, so she can't believe her misfortune when she arrives home to find him waiting for her again. Not surprisingly, he tells her he wants her to strip naked. Star warns him that since his last visit she has been in touch with the police and that they are making regular drive-bys to check on her. As she reluctantly peels off her dress, pantyhose and panties, Star keeps looking towards the road, but there is no passing cruiser to be seen. Where is a policeman when you need one? When Star is nude, the clothesjacker makes her pick up her clothes and shoes and place them in her car. He then climbs into the car and drives off, leaving poor Star trapped outside her house once again without a thing to wear.

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F2P - Not Again - Star Nine

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