• F2P - High Stakes - Star Nine

12 minutes 44 seconds:  Star is a broker who has spent a lot of time structuring an agreement to merge two companies. However, one of the parties is having second thoughts and Star stands to lose a very large fee if the deal falls through. She tries to reassure the man that the restructuring of his company will not change what it fundamentally represents, but he is clearly on the fence. When Star asks if there is anything she can do to help facilitate the deal, the man tells her he will sign the paperwork and let it proceed as long as Star is willing to take off her clothes, there and then, and let him see her completely naked. Star is amused by the suggestion to begin with, until she realizes that he is completely serious. As a professional woman, she finds this kind of thing despicable, but then the fee she would earn is substantial. She goes through with it, but is appalled when the man asks her to step closer and begin playing with her breasts.

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F2P - High Stakes - Star Nine

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