• F2P - Power Of Suggestion - Star Nine

8 minutes 07 seconds:  Star is relaxing with a friend, enjoying a yogurt drink and examining the contents on the bottle, unaware that an extra ingredient was added before she arrived. When her friend tells her what he has done, Star smiles, seemingly unconcerned, doubting that anything will happen, at least until her friend tells her to scratch her knee. She does so, even though she didn't have an itch. When he starts suggesting that she remove her sweater, she does so without objection, but without knowing why. He then tells her to take off her skirt, her tights, her bra and finally her panties. Star can't seem to resist his commands, and as she pulls her panties down, she wants to know how long the effects of this additive will last.

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F2P - Power Of Suggestion - Star Nine

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