• F2P - Star Is Clothesjacked - Star Nine

9 minutes 16 seconds:  Star encounters the notorious clothesjacker as she arrives home from work. As with his previous victims, he forces her to strip off in her car. With a lot of reluctance and repeated attempts to talk the man out of making her do this, Star finally strips down until she is sitting there completely naked. She assumes the man will now go away, having seen what he wanted to see, but instead things take a turn for the worse when he climbs into the car with her and orders her to drive; he wants Star to drive him to his house. Alarmed, Star tries to resist, but the man leaves her with no choice. She puts on her seat belt, reverses the car and begins driving towards the highway. She warns the man that she will get pulled over for driving naked, but he does not seem at all concerned and orders her to continue.

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F2P - Star Is Clothesjacked - Star Nine

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