• F2P - The Loan Shark - Star Nine

10 minutes 01 seconds:  Star has bad credit and can't even get a loan from her bank for a new car. She badly needs to replace her existing vehicle, so on the recommendation of a friend, she approaches a loan shark for the money she needs. She is hardly surprised that his interest rate is extortionate and Star tries to negotiate a lower rate with him. It turns out that the only way she will receive a discount is to take off all her clothes in front of this guy. She tries to find another way to reduce her future debt but this seems to be the only option. Star begins to undress, and looks wary when the loan shark moves closer to her. He watches her undress with great attention and then tells her to take a seat and wait for him while he goes to get her money. Naturally, he wants her to sit there naked while they transact business.

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F2P - The Loan Shark - Star Nine

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