• F2P - Unable To Move - Star Nine

6 minutes 27 seconds:  Before going out, Star is just finishing off a few dishes in her kitchen when she turns to see a man coming up behind her. She demands to know what he is doing there, or at least she starts to. He sprays something into her face and, almost at once, Star can't move. Her limbs are paralyzed! All she can will to move are her eyes and she tries to watch this man as he circles around her, clearly enjoying her predicament. He assures her the effect is only temporary, but it will last long enough for him to undress her. Star longs to offer resistance, if only verbal, but she can neither move nor speak. She is helpless to stop him as the man lifts her dress over her head and removes it completely. He even straightens up her hair for her and she looks helplessly on. He pulls down her pantyhose before circling round behind her. Now Star can feel him fumbling with the clasp of her bra. He really is going to strip her! Moments later, the bra is gone and her breasts are exposed. Then she feels his fingers at the top of her panties, and wants to scream as he starts to pull them down.

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F2P - Unable To Move - Star Nine

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