• F2P - Caught Stealing - Star Nine

13 minutes 39 seconds:  Star has been caught on video stealing from the petty cash at work, and her boss has summoned her to his home to confront her about it. He has every intention of firing her, but Star claims she really loves and needs her job, and asks him if they can come to some arrangement. The boss says they can, and he orders Star to slowly strip off her clothes in front of him. Star refuses at first, but threatened with the loss of her job, she reluctantly starts to remove her clothes - skirt (revealing the fact that she is wearing thigh-high stockings), blouse, top, then her shoes and stockings before she is persuaded to take off her bra and panties. When she is naked, she asks if she can go home now, but the boss tells her there is one more thing she needs to do for him. He instructs her to come closer and get down on her knees, then unzip his pants. Star grimaces, aware of what is coming. The boss tells her to come even closer and places a hand on her head, pushing it down out of view.

F2P - Caught Stealing - Star Nine

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