• F2P - What Are the Odds? - Star Nine

12 minutes 17 seconds:  Star has been taken hostage and is waiting for her father to pay the ransom. Her captor comes to tell her the good news, that daddy is going to pay up in six hours time. Now all they have to do is pass the time until the money is paid. Star listens anxiously as her captor says he has an idea, and places a dice on a chair in front of her. The game: Star must pick a number and throw the dice. If she guesses the number incorrectly she must remove an article of clothing, and if she gets it right she can put an item of clothing back on. Clearly the odds are stacked against her but Star has no choice other than to play this man's sick game. With each throw of the dice, Star is compelled to strip, starting with her shoes and soon followed by her dress, her bra, her pantyhose and finally her panties, until she sits in front of her captor completely naked. She asks if she can put her clothes back on because the room is cold but he's not a very nice man - using zip ties he secures Star's wrists and ankles, then adds a longer zip tie around her bare waist to pin her to the back of the chair. To shut her up complaining, he sticks a piece of duct tape over her mouth and departs, leaving poor Star to sit and shiver, her nipples erect with the cold. It's going to be a very long six hours before she can put her clothes on again.

F2P - What Are the Odds? - Star Nine

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