• F2P - Improving My Daughter's Grade - Kendra James

13 minutes 48 seconds:  Kendra's daughter Sarah is doing badly at school and her English professor has given her a low grade, so low in fact that if she wishes to advance, Sarah will have to take the course again the following year and resit the test. Kendra has asked to see the professor to discuss the situation, but despite her most persuasive arguments, the tutor will not be swayed. When Kendra says there must be some way forward, the professor offers her a solution which she really doesn't care for: If she wants Sarah to get a pass grade, Kendra will have to strip off in front of the professor and let him see her completely naked, right now. Kendra is mortified and says that she is going to report this to the school board, but when the professor reminds her that this will ensure Sarah's complete failure, she hesitates, wrestling with her conscience. Finally, for her daughter's sake, she agrees to take off her clothes. She does so with a lot of attitude, angry that she can see no way out of this humiliating situation.

F2P - Improving My Daughter's Grade - Kendra James

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