• F2P - Captured, Stripped & Secured - Kendra James

Kendra has been captured and taken to a remote house. This is not time the man who took her has done this. As they enter the building, Kendra is confronted by a metal frame bed with only a mattress on it, and she begins to suspect what is going to happen to her. The man makes her remove her dress, then her heels and stockings, her bra, and finally her panties. He now makes Kendra lie down on the bed and secure her ankles. He finishes the job by locking her wrists in handcuffs. Kendra is now forced to lie there, totally naked, unable even to close her legs, totally able to get away. She feels humiliated, embarrassed, and helpless. She has no choice other than to wait and see what comes next.

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F2P - Captured, Stripped & Secured - Kendra James

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