• F2P - Desperate To Make A Sale - Kendra James

Kendra has been having a hard time selling properties lately and her commission has been correspondingly small. The situation is getting serious and she desperately needs to make a sale to boost her income. Few clients have followed through recently, but today she has one who does seem genuinely interested in the property she is showing. As they conclude the showing, however, the client seems disinclined to pursue it and says he plans to look at other properties with different realtors. As he starts to leave, Kendra calls him back and asks what she can do to make the deal sweeter. When he suggests she remove all of her clothes and allow him to see her naked, in order to make a sale, Kendra balks at the idea. She is ready to refuse outright, but then remembers how badly she needs to close this deal. Very reluctantly, she removes her jacket and starts to unbutton her blouse, her expression conveying that she would rather be anywhere else but here right now.

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F2P - Desperate To Make A Sale - Kendra James

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