• F2P - Lost in the Woods - Kendra James

18 minutes 08 seconds:  Kendra's car has broken down on a quiet road. With no other drivers passing, and knowing the next time is miles away, she decides to take a short cut through the woods, not too wise given that she is wearing a tight dress and high heels. She becomes disorientated and completely lost. She can't believe her luck when she stumbles across an old guy sitting against a big tree, and hurries towards him explaining her predicament. He seems amused at seeing her in the middle of the forest dressed like that. When Kendra asks him for directions to the nearest road or town, he becomes a little evasive, then springs it on her that he will only give her directions in exchange for seeing her naked. Kendra refuses outright, so he suggests she might try a certain direction. He lets her go a short distance before telling her that it is the right way. He suggests another direction, but now Kendra is not sure that she believes him. Clearly, he really is not going to help her unless she strips in front of him. Warning him not to touch her, she slowly starts to undress, saying at one point, "Please don't make me do this." The old man has not intention of retracting his request, and Kendra is forced to carry on until she is completely naked. Now, then old man tells her to follow him and he'll point the way for her. He maneuvres her close to a narrow tree, and while she is distracted, he whips out a pair of handcuffs and locks them around her wrists, and the tree. He explains that he wants to enjoy her company some more, and says he will go to the nearest store, not so very far away, and get some drinks for them to enjoy. In his absence, a naked Kendra struggles with her restraints, muttering that she hopes there is someone else in the woods who might help her.

F2P - Lost in the Woods - Kendra James

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