• F2P - The Electoral Candidate - Kendra James

11 minutes 31 seconds:  Kendra is trying to get herself elected to local government . While she is trying to get the promise of Dave's vote, he mentions seeing an some paperwork from a friend of his in the justice department describing how Kendra was once arrested for solicitation in her youth. Kendra initially claims to have no idea what he is talking about, and then becomes angry, stating that those records were sealed. She demands to know the name of Dave's friend who leaked this information to him, but he refuses to tell her. Dave points out that if that information were made public while she was running for office, she could say goodbye to her chances of being elected. Kendra pleads with him not divulge what he knows. He agrees. but only on the condition that she is willing to strip in front of him. Kendra is indignant, mortified, and her inclination is to simply leave, but with so much at stake, she really can't have her past catching up with her at this critical moment in her life. Finally, she agrees, threatening Dave that he had better not go back on her word. With considerable reluctance, she takes off her jacket, her skirt, and then a leotard, all with this man watching her. To make matters worse, he makes her turn around so that he can see her back as well, and of course he has to comment on how cute her butt is. Kendra is forced to carry on stripping until she is finally naked, hoping that this will be the end of the matter. But will it?

F2P - The Electoral Candidate - Kendra James

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