• F2P - Another Trespasser - Cadence Lux

Just a few weeks after planning inspector Vonka entered the property of a crusty old guy who made her strip and walk a mile through the woods to her car, Cadence arrives and encounters the same man. She insists that she is there to view the property and seems confused when he says it is not for sale. Believing this to be just a ruse, and that cadence is from the same office as Vonka, he holds up Cadence and forces her to remove all her clothes. He plans to do exactly the same thing to her as he did to the previous girl. He tells Cadence to get going on her long walk, warning her that it will get dark soon so she had better hurry it up. Cadence makes her way through the woods, not sure she is going the right way, stepping on sharp stones and getting tangled up in the undergrowth, hoping she can find the dirt track where the crusty old guy says he is going to leave her car. What if he doesn't? She could be stranded out here for hours... days! Frightened, Cadence makes herself keep going when all she really wants to do is curl up on the ground and cry.

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F2P - Another Trespasser - Cadence Lux

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